We support K-12 students’ academic and personal well-being. Our school is based in a philosophy of belonging and connectedness first and foremost so that meaningful/engaged learning can occur. All learning spaces including virtual and on-line spaces are based in the philosophy of belonging and connectedness. Supportive relationships with our teachers and agency/facility support staff ensure that our students are accepted and are important to all adults working in Grove School Education Programs.

Academic support

The Library Learning Commons contains a variety of resources to help support you academically. All Grove students K-12 receive instruction in smaller classroom settings. Each student has an Education Plan aligned to support their individual and unique program goals. All Grove secondary students have the opportunity to complete credits in programs tailored to their unique needs and readiness. All types of courses such as College preparation can be delivered. The granting of the High School Diploma (OSSD) or Certificates can occur at Grove School. In the 2020-2021 school year, hybrid and remote learning is provided for those students K-12 who need it.

Plan your education

Read the following resources to help plan your high school education:

Prior learning assessment

Older youth at Grove School may benefit from Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) procedures. PLAR has a specific, limited function in the Ontario secondary school program for the purpose of granting Grade 9 and 10 credits. The formal evaluation and accreditation process known as PLAR frequently occurs at Grove School for students age 18 through the Guidance Department. It is intended for youth who are missing credits in the earlier grades of high school. The advantage for some Grade 12 students is the ability through PLAR to achieve missing credits toward the high school diploma in a short duration of time.